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Cartography by John Collins


(kol-õ-fõn) noun 1 a decoration at the end of a chapter or book etc., giving the writer’s or printer’s name.
Oxford English Dictionary.

About the Website
This portfolio website was designed in May 2002. The images on this website were designed and produced using Adobe Illustrator 10 and Adobe Photoshop 6. The webpages were laid out using Macromedia
s Dreamweaver 4.
The main title fonts are ITC New Baskerville and Nuptual Script. The body text is Verdana.

About the Original Map
The map displayed on the home page is based on a 1781 map of West Africa by M. Bonne. At the time, Bonne was the chief hydrographer to the King of France. The map is entitled (in French) A Map of Guinee, displaying the Cape Verde Islands, Senegal and the Guinee Coast, the Kingdoms of Loango, Congo, Angola and Benguela and the surrounding countries, so far as they are known.

Click to see Bonne’s original map